Breakfasts in Victoria Bed and Breakfasts

Full Breakfasts

Breakfasts in Victoria Bed and Breakfasts

Most of the hosts at Victoria´s Best Bed and Breakfasts are wonderful cooks.

You will awaken to the smell of hot coffee and a full home cooked breakfast. Whether served in spacious dining rooms; on terraces overlooking beautiful gardens or the ocean; in the intimacy of your bedroom; or at a table just for two; the phrase “Beautiful Breakfasts” says it all.

Full BreakfastVictoria Bed and Breakfasts know how to make breakfasts that go beyond the ordinary and often hit the extraordinary. Hot, full breakfasts with fresh fruit and juices; coffee and tea; a variety of breads; Belgian waffles; pancakes; bacon; sausages; salmon; egg dishes of all descriptions; and a wild assortment of other entrees, are a wonderful start to a day of exploring Victoria and the countryside.

Experience them at your Victoria accommodations choice – bed and breakfasts.

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